What is
Véligo Location ?


It’s the perfect opportunity to test-drive and find out what riding a e-bike is all about ! How ?
-Rent a Classic Véligo e-bike for 6 to 9 months or a Three-wheeler, Two-wheeler, Extended version for 1 to 3 months
-For just €40 a month for the Classic e-bike or €80 a month for the Three-wheeler, Two-wheeler, Extended, you get the standard bike equipment, maintenance & repair services, and the Véligo Location app


And since safety is our priority, we also provide optional training where you’ll learn the rules and get tips for safe riding. You’ll gain the know-how and experience needed to get around and feel totally comfortable riding in urban settings.
Not bad, huh ?


When your subscription ends, if you enjoyed the experience you can buy your own e-bike from a specialized retailer and make it one of your regular means of transport.
That’s our goal at Véligo Location !


Anyone living in the Greater Paris region, whether you are
French or foreign. You must be an Île-de-France resident !


On the web, at www.veligo-location.fr (this site ! in fact, this page !)

But first, make sure you’re eligible. Then gather all the documents needed to subscribe.
Think about which options you want. We have a great selection that’s specially designed for you.

For documents

For documents, you’ll need (in pdf or jpg format, 10 Mb max) :
ID (Identity card, passport, or resident’s card)
Proof of residence (electricity bill, internet bill, etc.)
Proof of status for reduced rate (if applicable)
Parental consent (for minors)
• Your bank details or those of a paying third-party
And have your cell phone on and near you to receive the text message with your signature code !

For rates

For rates, choose between:
Standard rate : €40 per month for the Classic Véligo and €80 for the Three-wheeler, Two-wheeler, Extended version. Did you know your employer can reimburse 50% of your subscription fee (or 50% of your Navigo pass and 50% of your Véligo Location subscription fee if you use several modes of transport) !

Bicycle Parking subscriber rate : €37 per month. This offer is only available for Classic Veligo.
Reduced rate (students are eligible) : €20 per month for the Classic Véligo and €40 for the Three-wheeler, Two-wheeler, Extended version. Proof of status required.

For delivery

• Want to pick up your Véligo e-bike at a rental location ? It’s free !
Find the location that’s closest to you.
• Prefer us to deliver (home, office, other) ? It costs €60 for the Classic Véligo and €63 for the Three-whealer, Two-whealer, Extended Véligo.
Make sure we can access the location (delivery to ground floor).

For equipment

For equipment, we optionally provide :
Adult helmet : €3/month
One adjustable size (head size 54-58 cm, 21-23 inches).
One child seat + helmet : €6/month
The child seat is suitable for children weighing 9 to 22 kg, or 22 to 48 lbs.
The child helmet comes in one adjustable size (head size 48-52 cm, or 18.9-20.5
Waterproof rear bike bag : €5/month
Fasten the bag to your bike or sling it over your shoulder
(dimensions: 40 x 10 x 30 cm).
Extra battery charger : €3/month
Standard bike rack for car : €5/month

For insurance

For insurance, we offer two options :
“Serenity Classic e-bike” package : €5.40/month. Repairs are covered, with a deductible of €200
(meaning that’s the most you’ll ever pay).

“Serenity + Classic e-bike” package : €7.10/month. The deductible is just €20 !
Could be worth it…

“Serenity Three-whealer, Two-wheeler, Extended e-bike” package : €15.90/month. Repairs are covered, with a deductible of €400
(meaning that’s the most you’ll ever pay).

“Serenity + Three-whealer, Two-wheeler, Extended e-bike” package : €17.90/month. The deductible is just €40 !
Could be worth it…

Of course, you don’t have to take either package. In that case you pay 100% of any repairs.

For training

For training, to get quickly up and running on your Véligo e-bike, you can take a 2-hour lesson at a bike school. We’ll help you overcome your fears so you’ll feel comfortable and safe riding your e-bike . You’ll grasp the potential hazards of urban riding, gain full control of your bike, and learn how to use the accessories. Biking will become a breeze. All for just €30 for the classic e-bike offer and 50€ for the Tree-whealer, Two-wheeler and Extended e-bike offer incl. VAT !

So, now you know everything there is to know!

Ready? Let’s go!


Véligo e-bikes are only available for Île-de-France residents. To allow as many people as possible to use them, we don’t sell the bikes. Our goal is to:
• allow interested Île-de-France residents to try out an e-bike for 6 to 9 months for the classic e-bike offer or 1 to 3 months for the Three-whealer, Two-whealer and Extended e-bike offer.
• facilitate the long-term transition toward this transport mode across Île-de-France.

The e-bikes remain the property of Île-de-France Mobilités. But not to worry, several French e-bike manufacturers sell models that offer the same basic features as this bike. And if you decide to buy one, remember that purchase subsidies are available, depending on where you live and your personal status.

Very good question! In bike-sharing systems, free-floating bikes are available for rent on demand or by subscribing to a package. The Véligo Location service allows you to experience a new way of getting around. You rent the same bike for 6 to 9 months.

And at the end, if you fall in love with your e-bike, you can buy your own and make it your regular means of transport!

To allow commuters to easily park their bike near train stations, Île-de-France Mobilités is developing Véligo Parking spaces across the region. There are two types:
• Sheltered, open-access spaces with a 3-point bike-locking system for added security.
• Closed spaces that require a Navigo pass. The annual fee is €30 max.
The parking spaces are easy to identify. Just look for the “Véligo Parking” sign!

No problem. The support teams will quickly get you on your way! An initial diagnostic determines the problem and the repair required. Depending on the repair, it can be performed:
• at an approved maintenance location
• or at the location of your choice, through our mobile maintenance service.
Because we care about making your everyday life easier!